Araucana Eggs For Hatching.

6+ Standard Araucana Eggs for Hatching, many carry Lavender gene!

Eggs are shipped as they are laid so if you are on the waiting list you will be notified of when your eggs ship.


Make sure you are allowed to accept eggs in your state before buyng,

if in doubt check with your post office first. 

6+ (at least 2 extras if available) eggs of the araucana eggs available in a combination of shades of BlueGreen whatever they are laying of mostly standard chicken eggs for hatching in your incubator or under your broody hen.   A lot of my BEST BIRDS hatched from eggs on the greener side but may produce bluer layers.

These eggs will be from araucanas however this is not a sale for egg color.  You should get all pure birds however araucanas may be rumpless, tailed or a few tail feathers and clean faced, single or double tufted just so you know.  One of my hens Momma Becka lays on the green side but produces pullets that lay pretty blue eggs. 

Please note: Due to the lavendar genepool one of the pullets that produces the lavs sometimes produces single comb offspring even though both the parents and grandparents have pea combs. That being said you could get any of the following no guarantees: a clean face rumpless, a clean face tailed, a rumpless tufted, a tailed tufted, a partial tailed and so on. 

PLEASE NOTE: Shipped eggs are always a gamble just so you know.   I can guarantee they leave here intact and then they are at the mercy of the USPS.  If eggs are handled roughly, detached air cell or x-rayed they can appear infertile.  This is not my fault but do let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

But check here is what the egg customers said!

  • All eggs arrived in perfect condition, including the extra`s!!!!!!
  • Gorgeous eggs, sent extra. Very fast shipping. Great packaging. Will buy again.
  • Quick delivery and great packing, thx
  • all eggs arrived safely thanks for the extras! GREAT PACKING
  • Great seller. Love her eggs. Will be back for more. Great customer service.
  • Eggs arrived;clean,fantastic wrapping,no damage,looked great inside! 5*****
  • Eggcellent packing job! Fast, friendly, professional service!

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