Well our incubator is running and it is full.  Some of the eggs are mine and some are a friend’s eggs.  I will keep you posted.

Also the sheep were shorn 6/16/12 so stay tuned for those pictures too!

In the meantime so many hens have babies or are setting on eggs.

In the Barn group Blue Kid has a baby, Flora has 4 babies, Miss Alaska, Phyllis and Whitney are sharing 5 babies and Tiny has a baby.

In Pete’s group aka The Prisoner group Mrs. Chancellor has 4 babies that survived of the 7 she had (due to the prison lock down several weeks ago in the beginning of May and I could not get in to help the babies that fell out of their nest in time which was very sad and to all of you regular customers who gave their sympathies thank you and Mrs. Chancellor also thanks you).  At least now I can access the area during the day to prevent this from recurring.  Baby Chancellor was setting on eggs too but during the first weeks of lock down the eggs got broken so she finally just gave up, very sad.