If you got eggs marked NC that stands for New Coop Group and this is it.

To properly view a photo click on it and then click on it again to enlarge so you can see details.  PLEASE NOTE: All pictures on this site are my property and may NOT BE DUPLICATED without my written permission, thank you.

In the one picture is black pullet Beth with 4 chicks all from her own eggs.  In another picture are most of Momma Becka’s 8 chicks of which 3 are from Beth’s eggs such as the black chick who is the only one that sprouted a different comb and the lavendar one in the corner is also from Beth’s egg.  The majority are from Momma Becka’s eggs.  In the other picture you can see a little of Momma Becka’s tail she is a silver hen, :-).

All the breeder males are rumpless in this group.  I will post the breeder birds pictures separately perhaps on a different page.

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