Delicious eggs for eating can be purchased here at our farm. Eggs are available 24/7 every day of the year. I can also ship eggs for eating but it will cost you a lot more with shipping and packing costs but it is an option.

EGG Titles can be VERY misleading.

When you go into a grocery store to buy eggs, there are quite a range of names for these eggs, no pun intended, such as – Farm Fresh, Free Range, Cage Free, etc. What do these SUPERMARKET EGG names really mean?

“FARM FRESH” Eggs are produced by battery caged hens. These caged birds live their entire short lives on a wire mesh floor in racks never even being able to spread their wings. Battery cages are wire cages for egg-laying hens, usually about 18 by 20 inches with up to 11 birds inside each cage. A single bird, usually a white leghorn for white eggs, has a wingspan of 32 inches so you figure it out.

“CAGE FREE” Eggs: There is no legal definition of “cage-free,” and a cage-free hen is not necessarily a hen running freely about in a pasture. More often than not, cage-free hens are running around crowded barns, with little or no access to the outdoors. They may also have their beaks cut short in a practice called “debeaking”. (I have some hens I rescued like that and you should see how terrible some of their poor beaks are cut and they are the sweetest birds!)

“FREE RANGE” Eggs: This is an industrial hen house which does have access to a fenced in outside area. These units can hold up to 2,500 birds. Hens tend to flock together as a group. This makes their outside area overcrowded. Think of a can sardines or an overcrowded elevator.

Store eggs must be packed within 21 days of lay, and would expire 51 days from lay.

SO try some REAL FREE RANGE eggs and judge for yourself.

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