Araucanas for sale

I have several standard ARAUCANA cockerels for sale some who carry the LAVENDER GENE and I may do pairs as well.  I also have lavender males for sale.  Unfortunately my camera is out for repair so I cannot post any new pictures until it is fixed.

Email me for more information and I can email you some pictures.




Breeder for Lavendar Gene or Pet Quality ARAUCANA CHICKENS: FOR SALE, LAVENDAR GENE, Single Comb

Bachelor #1: DOB: 10.12.12, taken 4/6/13.

I am selling araucanas that are pet quality.  They carry the LAVENDAR GENE and because of this they have somehow sprouted the wrong comb, a single comb, even though the parents and grandparents have the correct pea comb.  The males are mostly black clean faced rumpless & the female also mostly black is clean face tailed.  These birds could possible throw a lavendar chick.  Both hatched from bluegreen eggs and are under a year old.

This in particular Single comb araucanas came from the following:  All males (possible fathers) are rumpless a few double tufted.  She was the offspring of a hen named Beth who hatched from eggs I bought that were advertised as lavendar araucanas and I do have pictures of the parent birds of these eggs that the breeder sent me.  Of the three eggs that hatched I got 2 black rumpless males of which I kept the solid black one and the black tailed female Beth who has a little silver in her hackle, all clean faced birds.  Beth has produced a few sets of chicks around 10 total so far, I can look it up and her egg is on the green side.  Of those so far I have gotten one beautiful clean faced lavendar male who has a few tail feathers.  The rest of her offspring are either black, white or mostly black with some sprouting the single comb but the majority the pea comb.  Most are rumpless offspring except one young lady who may be part of a pair for sale here.

Bachelor #1: Male single comb DOB: 10-12-12