Newly hatching silkie chick! 2/13/12

Boy am I pooped from busting out of this shell!

My partridge bearded silkie momma had 4 total chicks this morning and 2 eggs she left behind in the nest and they were cold so I candled them and one was clear but the other was still alive so I put it back under her where she was sitting.  I checked later but she had moved again so the egg wasn’t under her anymore and was cold again so I put it inside under a heat lamp and forgot about it.

Well a few hours later I hear chirping and sure enough the little chick was hatching!

I waited a few hours for the chick to dry and then I put it under momma tonight.  I moved the nightlight closer to her area so the chicks can see at night if momma moves again.

Looks like 4 of the 5 are bearded silkies.  I took some pictures and also a few videos which I will put up on youtube of the chick hatching under MacopinFarmVideos when time permits.

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