SOLD OUT UNTIL NEXT YEAR BUY YOUR BIRDS. They will be 17 weeks old not 19 weeks this is last years picture so you can see what they look like.  Place your orders now for these wonderful pullets coming up for sale (April 2017) for $15/each.  These birds have their FULL BEAKS intact no clipped beaks on these young ladies which is painful to the birds. We here at Macopin Farm will have many lovely red sex links aka red star pullets (pullets are female chickens under a year old then they are known as hens) to sell starting on or about April 22nd, 2017. Contact me to pay & reserve your birds for a pick up time they will go fast! Laying hens chickens for sale and if you are allowed to have roosters we have many available bachelors to choose from so pick your rooster out too! Email me here at! Bring cash or if using paypal either send as Friends & Family OR a 75 per bird additional fee applies.  I don’t think the paypal button works yet so email me for more if you want to use paypal.  Macopin Farm where all animals are pets!  Remember Macopin Farm also serves adults with developmental disabilities, contact me for more on that.

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Birds with FULL BEAKSx