Bean aka Beanie is my chocolate hair sheep and she loves to do happy leaps. First picture is Beanie up close, isn’t she cute? You can see two short videos of Bean on youtube doing her happy leaps. Search “BeanHappyLeaps” and “BeanLeapAgain”. My channel on youtube is called MacopinFarmVideos. When you get a chance please view these videos of Bean happy leaping along with some of my other short video clips. They are sure to make you smile.

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In the second picture she is seen in the middle of a happy leap with Patches my jacob ewe on her right and Solomon my white wether in the back left.

Jacob sheep may be one of the oldest breeds of domestic sheep with the irregular spotted fleece acting as camouflage and the horns acting as some defensive protection against predators.  Both males and females are horned, generally one or two pairs, with some rams and ewes having up to six horns!

In the Bible in book of the Genesis chapter 30, it tells how Jacob selectively bred spotted sheep as his wage for working for his father-in-law Laban in Mesopotamia/Syria.  Jacob, with his wives and spotted sheep, returned to Canaan and when Jacob’s son, Joseph, became a governor of Egypt, Jacob went to Egypt with his flock of spotted sheep. From Egypt, the migration of the breed across North Africa to Spain seems probable.

Here is 31 aka Gameboy31, one of our many roosters crowing while Patches looks on.  When I first got 31 he had a band on his leg that said 31 and he is a game bird, thus the name.