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Araucana Sneaky Pete

Standard Araucanas & Phoenix! We SHIP Eggs, Roosters, Fine Wool & Fiber!

We have delicious FREE RANGE farm fresh EGGS available EVERY DAY of the year 24/7. Our many breeds of chickens such as Standard Araucanas, Phoenix & Silver Spangled Hamburgs. Bantam Araucanas, Silkies & Showgirls & pretty mixes (most are free range) except during hawk season & all are pets. We have goats, sheep, peafowl & bunnies. See our PHOTOS!

The gardens are ORGANICALLY grown! We grow 5 varieties of raspberries. We sell beautiful WOOL & fiber to spin, felt or craft. Email MacopinFarm@gmail.com for sale info on eggs, wool, Homemade Gift Baskets, BEAUTIFUL roosters & more!

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21 Responses to “Welcome to Macopin Farm”

  • Colleen Baranik says:

    Hello from down the road.

    I live on Macopin Rd.(39 years and counting).I started raising chickens a couple years ago. Recently went to a herbal class. I told her about my chickens and that my favorite one laid light green eggs.I told her I would love to have more chickens like her but didn’t want to buy through the mail again. She said you would be the one to talk to. Are you selling female chicks or pullets? I love my Rosie and I would love to buy local and meet with you.

    Thankyou Colleen

  • admin says:

    I just sent you an email. I have many pairs to sell and once the male population is down where I want it then I would sell females without males.

    My males are stunning and I have many clean faced tailed araucana pairs available who hatched from the bluegreen eggs as well as some other breeds too.

  • Joy Williams(BWKatz) says:

    I am just starting with chickens all layers.Originally I didnnot want a rooster but after research have changed my mind. I will have white blue and brown eggs and want to expand that . Would love to have a true Aracauna from a blue egg. If you don’t have one , any suggestions? I already bought one advertized as Americana and it turned out to ne a chipmunk EE.
    Thanks, Joy

  • admin says:

    I sent you an email. I have many araucana males for sale. All hatched form the blue or bluegreen araucana eggs.

  • Jenna says:

    I am currently looking to add some Aracaunas to my backyard flock. I would be interested in knowing what ages you have available @ what prices. I am located in sussex county NJ and can pick-up. Also- can you tell me about the personality of the Aracauna Roos? We had a RIR Roo raised from a peep, and he still went bad on us (would attack my 6 yo daughter)

  • I just visited this lovely little farm and was completely charmed! I was able to buy fresh eggs, what a nice surprise! I know that this will surely become a regular stop of mine!

  • Cathy Hill says:

    Great start for your website! Do you have any LF Araucanas, chicks or adults or eggs for sale right now?

  • admin says:

    Hi Cathy,

    I was just thinking of emailing you today to see if you want to buy SaphJack, he is the son of Sapphire (blue hen with one large tuft and one small tuft once got Best of Breed) & Jackson (rumpless, double tufted primarily black son of my show bird the late Captain Jack Sparrow who was black and double tufted). I had told you about him few months ago. He is rumpless and has one big tuft. He is a little over a year now. I can email you some recent pictures of him if you like. Sure wish I knew how to add more pictures here, erhhh…
    Thanks for asking.

  • vera erc says:

    hi jean, i just wanted to let you know my rooster (joe) passed away 5 days ago . i had him to 5 different vets.. 1 in clifon 1 in pompton lakes 1 in west virginia and 2 in virginia .. unfortunately the last vet in virginia probably would of been able to save him it i would of found him 1st .. he had aspirgillis .I tried everything i could to save him, he was very special to me, he was my little baby.. I want to thank you for your help a few weeks ago .. If u ever come across a rhode island red young rooster .. let me know … thanks again .. Vera

  • admin says:

    Oh Vera, I am so very sorry to hear that. I know how much you loved him. I will send you and email or if I still have your number I will call you. I have a lot of youngsters to choose from and many are males when you are ready let me know. Or you may consider a pair. I was afraid to call you in case it was bad news but had you both in my thoughts and prayers. Joe was a very special rooster and he touched many hearts. I know he loved you very much. I am glad to have met him.

  • Cathy Hill says:

    Wow, I didn’t come back to the website so I didn’t know about Saphjack, sorry I missed the post. I am looking for a solid black rooster right now. I came up with some pullets and they’re all sorts of colors. I want to try to coax out some regular colors with a solid male. Got anything? I promise I’ll come back to look soon…..

  • admin says:

    So very sorry for your loss but he did have a good run of 10 years! I have many males for sale and I sent you an email so email me back to work out details.

  • Cathy Hill says:

    I have a broody Maran hen right now, any hatching eggs available?

  • Marty Walkowe says:


    I am searching for a breeding quality black Araucana male that is tufted and rumpless. Do you have anything available? I would like an adult, but would be interested in taking a chance on chicks.

    Thank you.

  • admin says:

    Hi Marty,

    Your comment was lost in 5000 spams, sorry. At this time I do not have any black males to spare. Are you looking for standard or bantam? Maybe later this year depending on who hatches in the spring.

  • Margie Knoll says:

    Hi I’m wanting LF Araucana Eggs. What colors do you have ???
    Thank you in advance, Margie Knoll
    I found you from the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/araucanas-chickens/

  • admin says:

    I have a group (Momma Becka’s NC group) that produces mostly SDW, GDW or BBR. On the home page you will see some of the parents in that group: Ruth and Boaz also offspring pictured there are Baby Chancellor & Dasher. There are a few silkies in with them but neither myself or my customers have ever hatched a mixed chick from their eggs always got pure araucanas. I have another groups producing mostly blacks my WC aka white coop group you can see some of them under araucanas on this site and also under videos on this site. There is one clean face tailed bird in there Blondie. The rest are rumpless and of those 3 are tufted: Johnson, Telah and Pixie. Then there is Pete’s group which is an assortment.

  • Marina says:

    Hi I was wondering what is the address for the farm ? I really want to purchase eggs.

  • Joe Gansel says:

    I tried to contact u after buying eggs on ebay I had a question. Went through ebay but tried to get to u quicker through email MacopinFarms.com but my email said I needed a hotmail or Aol etc. Bottom line I was not able to reach u through your web page. 1/19/2014 Sunday

  • admin says:

    My email is MacopinFarm@gmail.com and my web site is MacopinFarm.com (no s). I just saw this and sent you an email. Email me back your questions. Thanks for asking.

  • admin says:

    I emailed you the address.

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