Fall Show Results

Sussex County Poultry Fanciers Fall Show 10/22/2011

Located at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, Augusta, NJ
Number of birds in show: 867+

I showed 5 of my Standard Araucanas:

Marta my standard black araucana hen got Best of Breed, Best of Variety & 1st.

Dasher my standard aov cockerel got Reserve of Breed & 1st.

Bluebell my standard blue hen got Best of Variety & 1st.

Ruthie my standard SDW hen got Best of Variety & 1st.

Baby Chancellor my standard BBR pullet got Best of Variety & 1st.

I showed one of my Bearded Silkies:
Lobelia my bearded blue silkie hen got 3rd.

I showed one of my Hamburgs:
Vixen my standard silver spangled hamburg pullet got 1st.

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