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Pre-order your pullets now for spring!

For more details See: FOR SALE , Birds for sale, pre-order now for spring.  These red sex link pullets (will be laying hens) with their FULL BEAKS IN TACT (No de-beaked birds in this group!) and they are wonderful layers of big brown eggs.  They will be ready for pick up in JUNE 2014.

As always I have many beautiful roosters for sale too for those of you who can take males.  They are great protectors of your flock.

Fundraiser 50/50 & Fish Fry tickets for sale, raffle on 10/24/14

I have about thirty 50/50 tickets to sell for $2/each for a good cause any takers? I can email you a photo of your ticket after payment. Locals can pick theirs up here at Macopin Farm.  If you want to use paypal this is how much you would paypal me and I will give you my email address. Using paypal see chart below. Be sure to include your name address and PHONE most important.   Macopin Farm is a proud member of the Ringwood Ambulance Auxilary.  As always we also have delicious eggs and other things here at Macopin Farm such as wool for spinning and peacock feathers too.  I also have fish fry tickets available too.

50.50 RAA_NEW

PAYPAL CHART amount to pay

1 ticket $2 = 2.37
2 tickets $4= 4.43
3 tickets $6= 6.49
4 tickets $8= 8.55
5 tickets $10= 10.61