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SOLD OUT! New Hampshire Red Pullets FULL BEAKS! SOLD OUT!

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SORRY FOLKS THEY SOLD OUT IN A WEEK!  No more here but we will have our sex links avialable in the spring again so don’t miss it.

I am selling a VERY limited amount of 19 week old New Hampshire Red Laying pullets hens chickens that are be available for pick up but you must have an appointment. Do not come without contacting me first in case I have sold out! Plus I may be gone for a few hours so you would waste a trip.  So come on over to Macopin Farm for these wonderful birds after you call for an appointment.

These birds have their FULL BEAKS intact and are almost ready to start laying eggs! No debeaking on these young ladies! Pullets are hens under a year old. This is the price and soon the price will go up but I doubt there will be any left so hurry and place your order now! If you are allowed to have roosters I have many available bachelors to choose from so you can pick your rooster too!

They are gentle, good layers of large light brown eggs and make excellent pets! Minimum order of 2 since no bird should be alone.

I am only 12 minutes from the intersection of rt 23 & rt 287 which is in Riverdale.


Fresh BLUEBERRY JAM and other flavors too!!!

We love to make some delicious blueberry jam & chocolate mint jelly! 

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