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Welcome to Macopin Farm

Araucana Sneaky Pete

Standard Araucanas & Phoenix! We SHIP Eggs, Roosters, Fine Wool & Fiber!

We have delicious FREE RANGE farm fresh EGGS available EVERY DAY of the year 24/7. Our many breeds of chickens such as Standard Araucanas, Phoenix & Silver Spangled Hamburgs. Bantam Araucanas, Silkies & Showgirls & pretty mixes (most are free range) except during hawk season & all are pets. We have goats, sheep, peafowl & bunnies. See our PHOTOS!

The gardens are ORGANICALLY grown! We grow 5 varieties of raspberries. We sell beautiful WOOL & fiber to spin, felt or craft. Email for sale info on eggs, wool, Homemade Gift Baskets, BEAUTIFUL roosters & more!

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