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BORDER LEICESTER Washed & READY to SPIN~Felt~Craft White Wool Fleece CuRLy 7″ Lock

White Wool Fleece to 7″ Locks CuRLy

The rest of this fleece is being hand washed by me and as it dries it will be listed for sale here at Macopin Farm and also on ebay.
As usual I will have many
VARIOUS fleeces  to sell. Email to purchase or get more information.
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This fleece is from a sheep that came from my sheep shearer’s flock and he breeds for high quality wool!

I have and will have SEVERAL of his other fleeces to sell as well, all a bit different so stay tuned.

This is WASHED Purebred Border Leicester ewe’s fleece.  This fleece is completely hand washed, in my home by me, from the raw fleece, so these fleeces have never seen harsh chemical processing.  No conditioners/softeners of any kind been applied to this fiber.  These are washed sections of fleece, taken from a heavily skirted fleece.  These ARE NOT individually separated locks.  Individual locks are easily separated out by grasping an individual lock tip and using a steady, moderate downward motion.
This is an absolutely lovely fleece IMHO that yields some incredibly beautiful locks.  The curl character of this fleece is that of delicate, smaller coils that carry throughout the length of the locks in near perfect consistency, right through the very ends of the tips.  The luster is incredible and the texture is silky slick and smooth – a very nice long wool.   The color is a very bright, natural sheepy white.  There is VERY little shading at the tips, these are quite white, making for the perfect dyeing medium – awesomely TRUE, DEEP colors that sparkle!
This is a great choice for Santa beards, doll hair, embellishments, thrumming, felted items, core spun yarns, tailspinning, textured yarns, as well as fully processed yarns.  Loads of options for diverse creativity here!
The average staple length is 7″, with a range between 6″ & 7″ UNSTRETCHED without pulling.  Please keep in mind that curly fleece experiences a “plumping” of the curl during the washing process and there’s a lot of length held in those coils.  When stretched length is going to run even longer.  The individual locks are well-defined and easy to separate.  The locks themselves are about as thick as a pencil  or less.  This is a very nice fleece.
Please keep in mind that this fleece is from an uncoated sheep that HAS NOT been chemically carbonized in a commercial wool washing process but from a pet sheep, (all the fleeces I sell are from pet sheep) – you will find some small hay pieces and some areas with fine fleck.  I’ve tried to get a good representation of what you will find in these areas in the photos, so zoom in on them.   This fleece is certainly not dirty by any means and you will find some of the locks are with NOTHING in them at all while  others will have a bit in them and you will want to slightly open them,  by processing,  to allow that fleck to fall out.  
This fleece is a lovely, in so many ways!  The locks are so nice and you want to keep putting your hands into the pile.  It combs wonderfully as well as being super easy to flick card as well.  It drafts smoothly and easily – not to mention, being a very quick spinner requiring only low amounts of twist.  There’s an overabundance of possibilities on how you can utilize this wool!
This fleece was professionally shorn and has been skirted prior to hand washing.  
Photos show portions of the sheep fleece of the actual fiber you’re purchasing!
PLEASE NOTE:  Kindly ask questions before buying as I strive for all happy customers and also 5 star ratings when selling on ebay.

I can email you my instructions on how I wash my wool if you like and how to skirt it too.  I’m more than happy to help if you have questions, thanks for looking at my auction and have a blessed day.