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Macopin Farm SEEKS Developmentally Disabled HS Grads & Adults to enroll in Prevocational Training.

Today at Macopin Farm!  See what you’re missing.

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Macopin Farm is an APPROVED PROVIDER  through DDD/Molina & is serving adults with developmental disabilities who are in the “Supports Program” under Prevocational Training so they can interact with the farm animals which can be very therapeutic and highly rewarding.  Then the person’s budget can pay for their time here through DDD/Supports OR another option is “Private Pay”.  For info on Macopin Farm call 973 697 3578.   The first step is to contact me with the person’s name and I can have Jennifer Joyce see if they qualify through DDD or you can contact her yourself her contact information is listed below.

We are open to flexible schedules here so depending on how far away you live we can design a program that suits you.  If you live far away you may only want to come once or twice a month for a certain amount of hours that works for you & makes it worth the trip.  That is why I have it open to the entire state of NJ.  There are so many different options to explore and things to learn here like about baby chicks, how to show a chicken, working with sheep fleeces, cleaning the chicken coop & converting it into cash by selling gardener’s black gold.  This list goes on and on.


MACOPIN FARM is now a PREVOCATIONAL TRAINING DDD/Molina Provider for NJ residents enrolled in the Supports Program!  DDD is the Division of Developmentally Disabled and all adults 21 or over enrolled in the Supports Program are eligible to sign up for some “one on one” aka INDIVIDUAL interaction with the farm animals based on their abilities and will cater their times to the individual needs of the applicants.

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This is a great way to get some hands on farm experience and valuable memories to treasure.  It is also great therapy and good for the soul while building self confidence and bonding with some animals too.  Contact me for more.  Look forward to hearing from you so spread the word!

Below is our sheep Bean aka “The Happy Leaper” as seen on You Tube getting her wool shorn off for the summer.