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New Jersey State Fair 2012 Open Poultry Show…

One of the highlights of the summer and benefits of living in NJ is the opportunity to attend the state fair. The fair is located at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta, New Jersey. This is about a 40 minute ride from Macopin Farm here in West Milford, NJ.

The fair offers something for just about everyone. I will add more details and photos later when I have time.

Spring Show Results May 19, 2012

Sussex County Poultry Fanciers Spring Show 5/19/2012

Located at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, Augusta, NJ
Number of birds in show: 765

To properly view a photo click on it and then when it appears click on it again which will enlarge it so you may enjoy all the details.

I showed 2 of my 3 entered Standard Araucanas.

Marta my standard black araucana hen got Best of Breed, Best of Variety & 1st.

Dasher my standard aov cockerel got Reserve of Breed, Best of Variety & 1st.

Baby Chancellor my standard BBR was unable to attend due to the fact that she started setting on eggs see photo with cute note back from the show Judge.  Click on it to get that photo only and then click on it again to enlarge photo so you can read the note.

I showed 2  of my Bantam Araucanas.

Princess my silver bantam araucana hen got Best of Best of Breed, Best of Variety & 1st.

Daisy my silver bantam araucana hen got Reserve of Breed, Reserve of Variety & 2nd.

The other araucanas I wanted to show were molting, setting or not in SQ at the time.

I also showed 2  of my Standard Phoenix.

Tucsonian my silver phoenix rooster got Best of Breed, Best of Variety & 1st.

Miss Pretty my silver phoenix hen got Reserve of Breed, Reserve of Variety & 1st.

Also present was John Pickell from Kuhl Corporation a great place to buy your waterers, feeders and other supplies for you birds at a great price.  There are always bargains from this company at the shows so keep that in mind as well!

Then of course the expert on chickens Peter Brown aka The Chicken Doctor who is awesome and the expert when it comes to what ails your birds and how to keep them healthy.  I cannot say enough about his expertise in this field.  Every penny spent with him is well worth it as the knowledge you will come away with will help you and your flock forever!  He sells a wide variety of products for your birds and it is a must to stop by his table at the shows.

Nobody from our farm got to Champion Row yet but we will keep working towards that goal as outlined in The Standard of Perfection.

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