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Macopin Farm’s annual RED SEX LINK pullet sale fundraiser is coming up this month.

This year I need you to pay in advance to reserve your red sex link pullets ($15/each) with FULL BEAKS. This is an annual fundraiser for the farm. They will be just about ready to lay eggs and are excellent layers and very sweet birds. Contact me for more info but they should be ready starting on or about the afternoon of Saturday April 22nd subject to change so contact me first.  Contact me to make your pick up appointment please.  Here is a picture of last year’s birds’ at 19 weeks old.  If you need a rooster we have them too but these are all girls.

Birds with FULL BEAKS


Parents of DDD/Supports Individuals! Farm Prevocational Training with Transportation at Macopin Farm for Developmentally Disabled!

Support Coordinators and parents: do you need Prevocational Training with Transportation for your people in DDD/SUPPORTS? If so Macopin Farm could be just the place you are looking for to enrich their lives! We can cater a program just for your person or small group! See below some pictures of what you are missing!Pol.tx

Chicks from Pete's at 5 weeks

Chicks from Pete’s at 5 weeks

allan.txt.PT HarvBeanBunTXT RobSnowTXT

DDD/Supports at Macopin Farm for individual or small groups mini summer camp like!

Macopin Farm’s Prevocational Training for DDD/Supports adults is great for the individual or small group to come interact with the animals & great for the soul! Tell the Support Coordinators to spread the word to their developmentally disabled clients that love animals!  Learn about composting, learn about wool, chickens, alpaca, horses, goats, rabbits, peacocks & peahens, different breeds and types of chickens, learn about gardens, woodland management, stewardship forest, raspberries, the Sussex County Farm & Horse Show, the possibilities are endless.



Macopin Farm in DDD Provider Directory Supports NJ! Finally! Developmentally Disabled Person Services!

Finally we are in the directory but keep in mind hours are flexible and if you need hours or days not listed I can work with you on that so contact me to arrange.  The directory link is listed below.


Great for those ready to graduate High School, open to all of NJ!

Peachick my white peacock

Sign up and enjoy interacting with our many animals!

Rescued Horse

Rescued Horse

NJ High School Child Study Teams & Guidance Departments please take note!  Here is the link.

SCPFA Spring Show coming up this Saturday!

The Sussex County Poultry Fanciers Spring show is coming up this Saturday May 14th and is FREE to the public so come enjoy the show!  This will be at the Sussex County Fairgrounds.

How much does it cost to feed 12 hens for 150 days?

How much does it cost you to feed 12 hens for 150 days?

Let’s say your birds moved in right before Thanksgiving day 11/25/15 and you wanted to figure the upkeep for 150 days so say until 4/24/16 roughly for example.  This means you have fed the birds through the winter which is when they eat the MOST FEED since they have no bugs or grass or weeds to munch on and lay the LEAST EGGS.  The average hen eats about 1/4 lb of feed per day so if you have a dozen birds that would bring you to 3 lbs/day x 150 days = 450 lbs of feed or 9 of the 50# bags of layer pellets.  Layer pellets at most feed stores in this area range in price from $16.50-$20 a bag.  So even if we go on the low end would be $148.50  to $180 just in feed unless you go for the high end organic and it is even more $$$ such as  Nature’s Best Organic Layer Pellets coming in on a google search for $27.99/bag (this is not counting you gas & time to go to the feed store) but keep in mind since they eat more in the colder months they may even eat more than this 1/4 per day per bird. This $148.50 does not count your crushed oyster shells $13-15/bag &/or calcium chips for strong egg shell development or bedding aka kiln dried pine shavings which are around $8/bag to keep the coop clean and money you may pay someone to help clean their coop or any other incidentals.  So your birds are eating almost $1 – $1.20/day in feed for 12 hens which means for an entire year of 365 days around $365-$438 for feed alone just to give you an idea of your costs.  So for 6 hens it would be 50-60 cents a day and 3 hens 25-30 cents a day to feed ONLY.

A very conservative figure on the low end would be a cost of $200 to feed & care for the 12 hens for 150 days which does not include your time.  Also keep in mind in the winter the birds slow way down on their laying of eggs and many go through the molting process at that time where they use all their energy to grow new feathers instead of laying eggs.  In my barn group of 120 birds of which 90 are females their were days in the winter that I did not get more than 12 eggs in total from the entire group.  This is why some of you customers who buy multiple dozen eggs at a time were told to wait for a call before coming in the winter months.  Good news to try and remedy this I am adding 36 young layers to my flock.  Now that spring has come I am getting at least 3 dozen a day from the Barn Group and sometimes 4 dozen which hopefully will continue to increase.  Please keep in mind that the pleasure of having these feathered friends far outweighs the cost :-).  

I hope you have found this article helpful and informative.  Feel free to like & follow us on Facebook under Macopin Farm.

SOLD OUT pullets, Eggcellent layers of big brown eggs!

Looks like we have about 15 left unspoken for as of today 4/24/16 folks so hurry!!!  They are 18 weeks old not 19 weeks this is last years picture so you can see what they look like for $15/each.  These birds have their FULL BEAKS intact no clipped beaks on these young ladies which is painful to the birds. We here at Macopin Farm will have many lovely red sex links aka red star pullets (pullets are female chickens under a year old then they are known as hens). Contact me for a pick up time. Laying hens chickens for sale and if you are allowed to have roosters we have many available bachelors to choose from so pick your rooster out too! Email me here at! Bring cash or if using paypal a 75 per bird additional fee applies.  I don’t think the paypal button works yet so email me for more if you want to use paypal.  Macopin Farm where all animals are pets!  Remember Macopin Farm also serves adults with developmental disabilities, contact me for more on that.

Birds with FULL BEAKS



Seeking Adults with Developmental Disabilities in NJ Supports Program to enroll at Macopin Farm!

Please HELP SPREAD THE WORD!  Macopin Farm is an APPROVED PROVIDER  through DDD/Molina & is serving adults with developmental disabilities who are in the “Supports Program” under Prevocational Training so they can interact with the farm animals which can be very therapeutic and highly rewarding.  For info on Macopin Farm call 973 697 3578.  


Macopin Farm Serving the Developmentally Disabled Adults enrolled in the Support Program!

Please SPREAD THE WORD!  Macopin Farm is an APPROVED PROVIDER  through DDD/Molina & is serving adults with developmental disabilities who are in the “Supports Program” under Prevocational Training so they can interact with the farm animals which can be very therapeutic and highly rewarding.  Then the person’s budget can pay for their time here or another option is “Private Pay”.  For info on Macopin Farm call 973 697 3578.   The first step is to contact me with the person’s name and I can have Jennifer Joyce see if they qualify or you can contact her yourself her contact information is listed below.

This is a great way to get some hands on farm experience and valuable memories to treasure.  It is also great therapy and good for the soul while building self confidence and bonding with some animals too.  Contact me for more.  Look forward to hearing from you so spread the word!

We are open to flexible schedules here so depending on how far away you live we can design a program that suits you.  If you live far away you may only want to come once or twice a month for a certain amount of hours that works for you & makes it worth the trip.  That is why I have it open to the entire state of NJ.

MACOPIN FARM is now a PREVOCATIONAL TRAINING DDD/Molina Provider for NJ residents enrolled in the Supports Program!  DDD is the Division of Developmentally Disabled and all adults 21 or over enrolled in the Supports Program are eligible to sign up for some “one on one” aka INDIVIDUAL interaction with the farm animals based on their abilities and will cater their times to the individual needs of the applicants.

For info on how to enroll in the Supports Program contact

Jennifer Joyce

Director, Supports Program and Employment Services

Division of Developmental Disabilities


If you would like to set up a web site that is affordable with 24 hour free technical support like mine then click below for more information.

Affordable web site with 24 hour FREE tech support!

If you would like to set up a web site that is affordable with 24 hour free technical support like mine then click on this link below for more information.