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Sussex County Farm and Horse Show

RESERVE GRAND  CHAMPION 2017 & 2016   CHAMPION BANTAM 2017, 2016 & 2014 “Blessing”



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  • “Sneaky Pete”
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  • True Free Range Eggs

 “For Sale” now Sheep Fleeces and composting manure, click on For Sale tab!

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Standard Araucanas & Marans!

Bantam Bearded Silkies & Dutch…Peafowl & more.

We SHIP Eggs, Roosters, Fine Wool & Fiber!

If you are interested in pet chickens please call for an appointment instead of just dropping by un-annouced!

Inquire about all or our nice alpaca & sheep fleeces for sale but alpaca only a few fleeces!  Email for more MacopinFarm@gmail.com and thanks for stopping by. Be sure to go to Posts/Blogs tab to see the most recent show results, farm blogs and so on.   Our Araucana eggs took Reserve Champion Egg award at the Sussex County State Fair in 2016!  Other egg awards were 2 firsts a second and a third.  Our Black bantam bearded silkie hen “Blessing” got Champion Bantam & Reserve Grand Champion of Show of the Sussex County State Fair Open Poultry Show August 2016 & 2017.

We also can ship our Delicious homemade jams, jellies and conserves some of which will now be for sale email for more!

We have delicious FREE RANGE farm fresh EGGS available EVERY DAY of the year 24/7.  Our birds are ALL PETS and are treated accordingly!  Our many breeds of chickens such as Standard Araucanas, Marans, Bantam Bearded Silkies & Dutch (a true bantam) pretty mixes (most are free range) & all are pets. Besides chickens we have goats, sheep, alpacas, peafowl, bunnies & a horse of course. Then there is our rescued farm dog Chevy! See our PHOTOS!  Be sure to go to Posts/Blogs tab to see the most recent show results, farm blogs and so on. Be sure to see our youtube videos too.

The gardens are ORGANICALLY grown! We grow 5 varieties of raspberries. We sell beautiful WOOL & fiber to spin, felt or craft.

Email MacopinFarm@gmail.com for sale info on eggs, wool, Homemade Gift Baskets, BEAUTIFUL roosters & more!

Legitimate COMMENTS welcome, just click on comments and then fill in where it says leave a reply then hit submit comment.

PLEASE NOTE: All pictures on this site are my property and may NOT BE DUPLICATED without my written permission, thank you.

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About Macopin Farm

EGGS available EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR! I ship hatching eggs & beautiful roosters: Standard Araucanas, Marans & mixes. Bantam bearded silkies and Bantam Dutch eggs are available for hatching too. I have peafowl so when the peahens are laying I have peahen eggs available for sale for hatching as well.

It all started with TOOTSIE, the rooster I rescued. The vet doubted he would make it but when he did I got him some hens & more hens & so on. I do get a Pullorum test at least once a year & have a veterinarian who visits the animals & checks on them as needed or sometimes just to say hello and give Rob a carrot.

You can email me with questions: macopinfarm@gmail.com and thanks for stopping by.  Visit our Macopin Farm Facebook page & like us on FB.

I have SEVERAL varieties of fine sheep wool & fiber to spin, felt & craft!

Well my French Black Copper Marans hens are laying beautiful dark eggs, chocolate anyone:-)   The blue eggs are from my Araucana hens and/or pullets.

Here is an example of some of the delicious TRUE FREE RANGE FARM FRESH CHICKEN eggs for eating you can purchase for eating here at our farm which is MACOPIN FARM in West Milford, NJ which is an egg farm among other things :-) .  My birds are all pets.  I have a variety of beautiful chickens here that are a pleasure to watch most free ranging during the day such as araucanas, bearded silkies, silver spangled hamburgs, phoenix, golden comets and so on.  I also raise peafowl as in peacocks and peahens.  I have goats, sheep, alpacas and bunnies too!

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